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Baptiste Caccia

Curator : Alix Nyssen

423 Rue Gérardrie

Almost impressionist, often close to abstraction, the works of Baptiste Caccia plunges us into a fantasy world in which shapes and volumes blur into a coloured haze. The French artist uses photographs combined with screen printing and painting to create these dreamlike visions. They are the fruit of a long and meticulous experimentation process during which he deconstructs and reconstructs the image to the point of transforming it. In Caccia’s eyes, it is the process that leads to such transformation which is important, because it allows him to question the very essence of these visual reproductions and how we perceive them.

Behind the juxtaposition of saturated colours and textural effects, through the interplay of snapshots, these images unveil moments in life set in time. Here, in a way, we are presented with a mise en abyme : an image within an image, a showcase within a showcase, a watcher watched.

Alix Nyssen