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Onsite Website : The Official Emoji Shop


Éloïse Alliguié

Artist selected as part of the open call

30229 Rue de l'Université

Onsite Website: The Official Emoji Shop uses the space of the window as the metaphor of a computer screen. It specifically embodies an e-commerce site called “webshop” where all products are also inspired by digital objects: emojis. These icons, commonly used in our so-called “online” interactions, seem to dominate our environment and our own existence. These sculptures are here presented as functional objects and blur the boundaries of the recurring opposition between digital and physical.

The objects exhibited at 29 rue de L’Université are taken from The Apple Pie, a video produced by Éloïse Alliguié in 2022. In this cooking tutorial coming from a world where digital representations are more familiar to us than physical objects, the main character prepares an apple pie using only tools and ingredients that are available in Apple’s emojis catalog. The embodied icons come to life and dialogue materially in an absurd sequence where reality and simulations combine.

Éloïse Alliguié