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Denis Verkeyn

Curator : Maxime Moinet

1953 Rue du Pot d'Or

With regard to the work of Denis Verkeyn, I believe it is important to distinguish a way of painting that is derived from interiority, by which I mean a work which calls on you to approach it, a silent vision that reflects back on ourselves, a work which encourages musing and meditation, a notion that can be found among the intimism painters. However, it is also a way of painting that expresses itself directly and is therefore, in a way, a painting style drawn from exteriority. Through the subtle harmony of hues and contrasts, the work exudes remarkable intensity. Its symbolistic aspects are a major element in the artist’s craft, made up of a series of signs that are very specific to him and in keeping with his discourse, to which can be added a carefully elaborated quest for composition and occupation of space. There is also, in each piece, an essential stripping down to reality. The distribution of the flat tints and pure forms stem not only from poetic characteristics, but also from successful expression of the power of painting that combines knowledge, mastery and sensitivity.


Marc Demeester