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Sophie Vangor

Curator : Alix Nyssen

1822 Rue Lulay des Fèbvres

Sofie Vangor is free, curious, unpredictable and wild…

She pushes back all the boundaries within which one might be tempted to confine her. She is the author of a hybrid art, continually renewed, combining, amongst others, painting, engraving, texts, tattooing and performance.

Her work is fundamentally autobiographical, but the questions it raises are often universal : who are you ? Where do you come from ? Do you feel free ? Her works depict human complexity, its paradoxes and contradictions. In this way, Vangor vehemently invites us to look inside ourselves and question ourselves. More broadly, and in a way that has particular resonance in the current media/political climate, she encourages us to embrace differences and call into question the constraints that define, reassure and enslave us.

Alix Nyssen