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Jean-Daniel Berclaz

Curator : Philippe Braem

15048 Rue de la Cathédrale

Exerzierstraße is a Berlin street where Jean-Daniel Berclaz lives and works. After 25 years of silence of the painter to dedicate himself to the Musée du Point de Vue project throughout the world, he finds himself in the 2020 lockdown and starts to draw what is around him in his apartment. Then after 40 « useless drawings », he finds a box of watercolors bought in East Germany.

He then undertakes a useless inventory. “ A little white camping table recently found has just been installed in the middle of the living room as if to welcome guests. A mini installation lies on this little table that will become the basis of his future compositions. Standing behind the dining room table, I observe like a guest the composition that has just been created and that his pencil tried to photograph. I put down anything and everything there, especially objects that have no connection with each other. This possible still life has no meaning and it makes sense to me to draw it and to bring this drawing to life with the old but still bright watercolors. My memory ends up in a state of thought and sharing with these artists and their styles of predilection : Duchamp, Lavier, Beuys, Fluxus, Dada, Broodthaers, Ricciotti, Filliou, Perec, Ryslavy, Gaston Bachelard, … I am actually constantly illustrating my readings. ”

The drawings will soon be displayed in Oudenaarde ([by’ro] @KABK from 6 October to 30th of November 2021), the installations will be presented at Art au Centre in Liege, alongside a few Pic Nic « exercises », a reduced version of the vernissages of the Point de Vue in both cities. To be seen afterwards on social media.


Philippe Braem