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Collectif Belle de Nuit Claire Amiot • Clélia Berthier • Alice Marie Martin • Loona Sire

Open call

149Rue du Diamant, 4

The Belle de Nuit Collective invites the visitors to travel across the latency of the materials, the shapelessness and the instability. Fascination, wonder, intuition and fate are the guides of this shared experience.

For Art au Centre, we have created together a garden under vacuum, both acidulous and sinister, made of the materials and images that obsess us and fascinate our eye. We pull threads between the different pieces that form this installation. Fire and water, transparency, evocation of a domesticated nature, clash of textures, colors and materials are all notions that enable us to build this project. In this installation, the play between the inside and the outside is inspired by the window that is an inside space, only visible from the outside.

Alice Marie Martin