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Carole Louis

Curator : Céline Eloy

261159 En Féronstrée

Carole Louis plays on the absurd and the misunderstanding and reinvents in her practice a tragicomic world that constantly questions the relations of power, class, and economy. Her projects regularly run counter to the shackles imposed at all levels. The artist casts doubt in our mind and has fun distilling counterpoints to situations that seem determined to us, sometimes despite ourselves.

Filon is no exception to this desire to give a mischievous kick in the anthill. Particles intertwine to create an overlay of earth-like layers. A seam emerges from these strata of different natures. It weaves its way through the territory and attracts attention that instantly focuses on this precious filament. And what surrounds it suddenly turns out to be unimportant. The innocuous appearance of the environment is nonetheless only a decoy. The soil is almost imperceptibly enriched with multiple atoms that thrive and shape our daily lives.

Our gaze trapped in a woolen stocking, we try to dig the vein thus found without realizing that wealth is not always located where we expect it to be.

Céline Eloy