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What is night ?


Alicia Kremser

Artist selected as part of the open call

26028 Boulevard d'Avroy, 4000 Liège, Belgique Liège

The installation is part of my ongoing research questioning safety through acts of care. I am particularly interested in how nocturnal conditions render senses of safety, associating with my own fears in a series of works. In (semi-)public urban spaces, passers-by are confronted with projected text statements that encourage interdependent acts of care to ensure other people’s safety at night and bring upon a dialogue on the subject’s own relationship to nocturnal safety. The works are site-determined by nature through their placing at locations that may be considered precarious for a vulnerable body to encounter alone at night.

The shift in visibility of the present installation’s projection through natural and artificial light conditions highlights the virtue of the work’s placing in this particular setting in harmony with its meaning: light, day, warmth and the inside (domestic) space can be considered as safe, innocent, comforting; whereas the opposing connotations night, darkness, cold, outside imply vulnerability.

Alicia Kremser