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Fabien Boitard

Curator : Sandrine Bouillon

15241 Passage Lemonnier

« I have been working on a update of the genres in painting since 1997… Nude, portrait, landscape, still life, vanity, etc. in a mix of techniques, ways of placing the paint on the canvas or perceiving it and always oil-based. Support called “ classic or traditional ”. The Grimaces presented here enabled me to work on the Genre of portrait nowadays. I tried to treat these figures the way we treated the people during the large Gilets jaunes protests of 2019 with the intention of mistreating the faces using paint. In total, it is a series of over fifty Grimaces that came to light in two years.

They are also a place of pictorial testing where I try to extract an expression by mistreating the material, the way the faces of the protestors were mistreated. These grimaces are as varied as the representatives of the popular anger. Women, children, teenagers, black, old, men. The amount is significant and this series is still ongoing. It has been partly exhibited at the M.O.C.O of Montpellier (France) in October 2021 for the collective exhibition SOL, commissioned by Nicolas Bourriaud. »