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Labo#Light installation


Jan Wittoeck

Curator : Sandrine Bouillon

27331b Rue de la Cathédrale

The work of Jan Wittoeck can easily be regarded as assemblage art. However, this description is too simple and dishonors the stratification of the works.

Jan does more than “assemble objects”. He takes the time to collect industrially produced pieces, arranges them and stores them (sometimes for years) stripped off emotion and utility value. Like the continuous returning lightbulbs that have reached their end date of performance and are admitted to his mausoleum of cherishment.

When the time is right, Jan sets to work with these treasures. Like a composer, he chooses the notes, the chords and creates an arrangement.

The composed parts either contradict each other in a rebellious disharmony but can just as well melt together in a whimsical dance. All interacts intuitively in Jan’s creative brain.

Is Jan playfully dangerous, dangerously playful or a Dadaist pur-sang?

Written in collaboration with Hans Weyers