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Let’s do it


Sara Zerguine

Open call

19723, Place de la République Française

Images are central to my work and can take different forms: animated, sculptural, photographic, etc. They are transformed, diverted or created from scratch and constitute the raw material for a critical questioning of the mass media, advertising iconography and the digital images that overwhelm us.

Diversion is very present in my work. Some of my pieces work like simulacra: the references I use are familiar and banal. From a distance, they seem to be part of the aesthetic horizon that is specific to fashion and consumption. When looked at more closely, some elements appear incompatible with the primary meaning and trigger troubles and questioning. Through this process, I try to bring out the unsaid, the off-screen, to draw the underlying violence that structures our relationship to the world.

My work evolves in contact with the places it encounters. The materials, the techniques used and the scenography always echo the exhibition context. Let’s do it is an in situ installation that features all the characteristics of a commercial space in trompe l’oeil. A wallpaper made from the photograph of an eye closed by a price tag lines the walls. The repetition of the motif forms a frame based on which the other pieces are arranged. Sneakers were placed on a factory conveyor, their laces were replaced by strands of hair. On the glass window, a tag with the slogan of a famous ready-to-wear brand diverts the performative stakes. More than symbols or an allegory, Let’s do it encourages action.


Sara Zerguine