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Brieuc Maire

Artist selected as part of the open call

26452 En Féronstrée

My artistic practice mostly gravitates around painting and images. All the images I paint reflect my interest in connecting forms and interpretations. I always try to play with the different facets of a canvas and the hierarchy of the figures inside it without these figures featuring the evidence of human nature and without them being perfectly integrated into the environment which then oscillates between background sets and leading actor. I am usually interested in reflecting what is vague, indistinct, emerging or disappearing and subject to confusion or multiple interpretations.

The diorama thus appears as a device that enables to penetrate even more directly into these stakes since it is a matter of connecting the spectator to an atmosphere, a 3D reconstruction of a mysterious scene that I like to characterize as a “tragic farce”. Thanks to the simplicity of the components, I invite the observer to enter freely into the interpretation and to play with opposing ideas: the sacred nature of the painting is counterbalanced by the playful aspect of the diorama and the presence of this silicone base which is used to showcase the nail art in the window. Between burlesque and melancholy, macabre scene or schoolboy humor, no meaning is fixed, no moral is brought out. This diorama, just like my work in general, presents itself as a crossroads of meaning and stories.

Brieuc Maire