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Caz Egelie

Open call

1629 Rue des Dominicains

A personal archive-turned solo show-turned group show, presented in the context of a shopping experience.

In Pushed as if / left as is, Caz Egelie shows a personal archive consisting of their own possessions – artworks, clothes, books – combined with works by invited artists in an installation which attempts to blur the lines of ownership, authenticity and identity.

In this playful research frames of reference are made tangible through objects and text. Through this, a diffused idea of authorship arises – a returning fascination for Caz Egelie – in which the audience no longer knows what belongs to whom and who made what ; the ego becomes insignificant. Instead, a temporary collective content and aesthetic arises.

What’s personal when the subject is a sum of their surroundings ?

With works by, amongst others, Annabelle Binnerts, Luca Bosani, Halla Einarsdóttir, Dragan Glamočić, Tim Hollander, Petra Laaper, Benjamin Li, Maurice de Rooij, Jesse Strikwerda, Jeroen Schokkin, Jessica Tiemessen, Mirjam Vreeswijk and Iriée Zamblé.