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Emmanuel Dundic

16128 Rue Pont d'Avroy

Through his artistic work, Emmanuel Dundic invites us to take part in a narrative made of words, images and objects. We penetrate into a sort of cabinet of poetic curiosities, where the schemer and the intimist rub shoulders. A vaster common story spreads out : temporal and sacred powers meet, religious and popular beliefs merge. His artworks seem to evoke fragments of memories, precise or woolier moments, precious relics thanks to their sentimental nature, missing persons or elements of an individual story. The emphasis of the exhibition enables the artist to return their sacrality and preciosity to seemingly banal or anecdotal objects. Their historical dimension is yet undeniable, powerful, but also disconcerting. The temporality in Emmanuel Dundic’s artwork is actually fluctuating. His use of old found objects demonstrates this connection with the past, but the offered second wind, and the intervention and the reappropriation of some of them also highlight a new connection with the present. Others were even created from scratch. These artworks also feature double meaning words, aphorisms, neologisms. These words are recurrent in his work and add a mystery, a rupture, an extra dimension and also reveal his interest in literature and the writing style, connected to his artistic approach.


Elisa Tomsin