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Sophie Maupetit Andrea Radermacher-Mennicken

Curator : Mikail Koçak

13Îlot Saint-Michel

Routine sets our tempo. Work always pays. Perspiration relaxes us.

It smells of musk here. Performance and challenges motivate us. Excelling ourselves, becoming a « superman » preys on us, so intense training becomes the tempo of day-to-day life. Milestones are there to be reached, even if it takes two thousand attempts and even injury. Muscles, below glossy skin, become congested after pumping iron. Figures, outlines and angles are studied and combined to make the fruit absolute. Then it is the following day. We start again, like a pattern, a perpetual motion, to push our boundaries even further back and especially those of others, because you have to shine and dazzle.

Sophie Maupetit and Andrea Radermacher-Mennicken propose corresponding installation / video works in two window displays.


Mikail Koçak