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Claire & Morgan Morgan Azaroff and Claire Guetta

Open call

97Rue de la Cathédrale, 48

Solicitud is a project that began in 2019. It is presented as a TV series that presents, like the télénovelas, the relationships and tensions that may exist between artists and other actors in the art world.

Tired of failing to succeed and receiving only negative responses to calls for applications for exhibitions or artistic residencies, the duo Claire et Morgan wanted to play down their lives by making the story even more dramatic. And nothing more dramatic than the telenovela. The series builds on elements experienced in their life as an artist. They strive to respect real facts, even if it means quoting sentences from art center directors or letters of rejection as they are. The title Solicitud comes from the translation of the word « application » in Spanish, closely linked to the administrative world. It is also a play on words with « solicit » and « solitude ».

The tone remains funny, but recalls the great precariousness of actors in the world of contemporary art. Between multiple jobs, precarious tenure, jealousy, feeling of failure, lack of consideration… the lives of young artists have all the keys to a good dramatic series over several seasons.

There are now five episodes, including one special and one musical. On the occasion of Art au Centre, Solicitud takes the form of an installation reminiscent of dioramas. The scenes freeze, like a window on the real life of the artists. The administrative signature of Claire et Morgan becomes an arch inspired by Gallo-Roman architecture, a vestige as solid as rock.


Claire & Morgan