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Martin Coiffier

Curator : La peau de l’ours

98129 Rue Saint-Gilles

Trees offer oxygen and life. Their roots plunge into a soil that our ancestors treaded centuries before us. Their branches soar towards the universe and yield to the hazards of the wind, the thunderstorms, the disasters… They are the pillars of our existence. Being at the heart of the forest is living in the center of the world, the history of humanity. It means plunging deep into the human that I am and reaching thoughts that are buried so deeply that there is no word to describe them. My forests are loud voices, explosions of joy, anger and energy created by the opposition between my dreams and an existence inexorably deep-rooted into reality.

I associate a list of words with these paintings that I created during this very particular year (Covid-19). These words came to my mind during the first lockdown and reflect the different states of mind that followed one another until the new beginning that we were expecting…

Martin Coiffier worked for many years in the cinema business in Spain and Central America. The landscapes that he discovered during the location scouting or the shooting and his own production works became decisive in his approach of photography that remains his main artistic tool and whose use is more about pictorial composition than traditional photography. The game between the realism provoked by the photographic technique and the fictional nature of the recomposition of elements that are proper to cinema or painting is at the center of his approach. It is a reflection on the way we perceive and then transcribe the reality that surrounds or inhabits us through these two artistic techniques.