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Tony Coopman and Lasse Russe

Curator : Bertrand Léonard

9948 Rue de la Cathédrale

AP is a playground. AP is a forest.

The rules are simple : Entertainment as a new reality.

Violence and death are assimilated through the overload of action movies, video games and theme parks.

The coffin is the starting point, it is both an arcade cabinet and a roller coaster cart. The profusion of wooden weapons is the reflection of the multitude of offers proposed by the entertainment society. The windows are the screens that diffuse these epileptic images. AP exploits the ambivalence and the fascination of objects whose function is connected to death. They lose their sacred and moral nature to turn into simple wooden toys.

AP is a dogma based on the virtuality of the existence. Are we still in the game ?

Tony Coopman examines raw materials and assembles them meticulously. As an engineer of the impossible, he transforms them into poetic machines, usually weapons, endowed with their own mechanism and life. He works at the Kunstwerkplaats De Zandberg.

Lasse Russe is an illustrator and a painter. The segmented stroke of his drawings stirs his colorful compositions that are inhabited by his psychedelic and organic motifs. These ornaments dialogue with the destructured illustrations to lead us into a singular graphic narration.

The coffin in the installation benefited from a production and diffusion aid granted by the association Fructôse Dunkerque.


Bertrand Léonard