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Bruce Formanoie

Curator: Mikail Koçak

311100 Rue de la Cathédrale

Visual artist Bruce Formanoie, a 2016 Beaux-Arts graduate, explores the codes of illustration and comics, plays with the limits of perspective and the status of shapes and objects.

In Figure, the artist uses in situ the optical powers of color (monochrome and gradation) to create several possible points of view in the artwork. To do so, he covers the entire interior of the window and the objects inside with a color and its different nuances.

Depending on the spectator’s movements in front of this anamorphosis, the viewer will question the consistency of the world, hidden behind sensitive appearances.

Solitary daydream or collective hallucination, intimate mental space or public room, the installation, made up of objects, seems to shift towards the unreal, between optical illusion and geometric prowess.

Between abstract still life and surrealism, the trompe-l’oeil scene, resulting from various artistic disciplines (sculpture, drawing, painting, installation) deconstructs shapes and reproduces a permanent surprise.

Mikail Koçak