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Emmanuel Taku

Collection Uhoda

14125 Rue Saint Paul

The subject of Emmanuel Taku’s work focuses on the human being and the identity to communicate the « living together ». This Ghanaian artist combines his passion for portrait and textile, uniting them both into compositions that involve realism and surrealism. The painted motifs stand out of monochrome backgrounds thanks to a mixture of bright colors between the black bodies and the clothes. On the skin, Emmanuel Taku sticks fragments of newspapers that refer to political issues of people of color in the society.

« For me, capturing black bodies abstractly is a sort of way towards an idea of the supernatural – almost like male and female superheroes (some that I know and others not). Although our bodies are usually politicized, I seek to focus more on the recovery of our story like many of great artists before me capturing black bodies into a powerful reverence. »

Thibaut Wauthion