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Quentin Caillaud

Curator : Marine Candova

15548 Rue de la Cathédrale

Quentin Caillaud currently lives and works in Brussels where he arrived in 2011 to study at the ERG. After five years experimenting with various materials, he joined the Nice Carnival team as a painter and above all a sculptor. This experience, both technical and experimental, characterizes his current practice that stands at the border between art and design. His organic artworks, imprinted with mythological references, depict the grotesque of everyday life.

In Gymnastique du bulbe, Quentin Caillaud ironically unveils the artist’s creative process. What would the emergence of an idea look like ? An extravagant, almost disturbing, possibly beautiful painting.

Its interior items, all functional, are made of polyurethane foam, paint and resin or ceramic.