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INFLATION (acte 2 – suite et fin)


Anna Mancuso

Curator : Mermermer (Mikail Koçak & Anna Ozanne)

13648 Rue de la Cathédrale

This window is the second act of a performance carried out by the artist for a previous window part of Art au Centre #5. In this previous window, Anna Mancuso created INFLATION : two inflatable mattresses poured into two plaster blocks were inflated once the material had dried. Emerging from the plaster, that exploded slowly, they had turned into strange and black round shapes in the middle of white, square or sharp fragments. All in contradiction. While liberating her window, the artist examined the plaster shapes that the manipulation had created : drapery marks, marvelous hollows…

Like an archaeologist returning to the ruins of an event, Anna Mancuso collected, classified and made an inventory of the plaster fragments like evidences of an action, a past under the excavations, whose remains become artworks as objects of an ethnography museum would. Strange status of the archive in the performance, study of the traces of a gesture.