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What Else


Jonas Locht

Curator : Maxime Moinet

23742 Passage Lemonnier

Three common objects, reflections of our daily life: a coat rack and two Italian coffee makers. I start from these familiar objects and I operate, by molding, a transposition into an innovative material: an ecological water-based resin which has good resistance properties.

I create, during this transposition, an unreal, imaginary form, dragging reality into fantasy. Thus, the coffee maker is deformed, crumpled, and wears as a lid a Coppola cap, a rallying sign of the Italian mafia. The old coffee maker, now out of fashion, is styled in a way that has become “trendy”. Likewise, industry and its technologies are constantly innovating and in turn developing new forms of disguised mafia.

The enlargement of the object further accentuates the fantastic aspect and reduces it to a cancellation of its own functioning to give it a different view. This gigantism immediately confers a caricatural scope and a power of denunciation. This outrageousness diverts the familiar use of the coffee maker and the coat rack towards the grotesque and tries to deconstruct the little rituals that we have made sacred, by which we furnish the void of our life.

The current advertising discourse creates a sort of coffee mythology, calling on different Hollywood stars to represent the supernatural virtues of this drink.

The monumental coat rack parodies the place given to the protective angel during our travels and facing the fears they can cause.

The sculptures combine with each other in a comic atmosphere and merge in the treatment of color. They offer a desacralizing vision in a society where traces of the sacred are still significant and often used for commercial purposes.

Jonas Locht