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Pauline Rouet

 Open call

16844 Rue Saint-Gilles

Locked up behind a window, these four paintings look at us. I have the feeling that they are both inert and waiting. Waiting for what ? If we left, would they start to come to life like the toys in Toys Story ? Should we turn our back to imagine these paintings in motion ? Never look at them in the eye. And mentally, project oneself.

A closed room, full of augmented paintings that wander in a space that they don’t know. Both significant and signified, they are character, thing, object and image. Each of them has its own nature, its painted pun, its figurative language and its material attitude. These augmented paintings are the characters of their own story, that they try to tell us silently. These also narrate certain beliefs, like animism or totemism. They also embody this moment when fiction gets the upper hand over reality. A plain piece of wood becomes a being with a soul or… a slice of melon.

Pauline Rouet