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Coline Gaulot

 Open call

15850 En Féronstrée

Her work goes through stories of variable intimacies. From the most autobiographical to the most common, for many years, the artist has tracked the experience through different supports such as the installation, painting, writing and ceramic. A love story, nocturnal bathing, anniversaries appear and make us stagger. These variations satisfy our abundant singular and universal turbulences. The Kairos is precious.

Lobsters and oysters please ! is a festive contemporary fictional archaeology, crystallized in porcelain. The leftovers of a ghostly feast, finished, dropped there. Let’s look at the leftovers. What lives on us. Time stops between the Curly, the oysters, the cocktail sausages, the cigarette butts…Where are our leftovers going ? Are you bothered by the fact I find our leftovers so nice ? What will we do when we won’t be able to dip our cocktail sausages into mustard ? What will we become when we will stop stirring our straws in our glasses ? As long as you can ask yourself these questions, it means that everything’s fine. I turn chips, toothpicks and olives into totems. Still have the time to highlight the details. Time flies but suspending it is still possible. Stop this instant. This party. I smile when I think of you looking at these details, these precious vestiges of banal stories. These things that are only important because you have just stopped. I hope that you enjoy our party and that you can imagine the smell of our skin in the middle of this feast. Unfortunately, our vestiges will not have the smell of sweat.