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Eric Poitevin

Collection Uhoda

15725 Rue Saint Paul

Nature is at the heart of Eric Poitevin’s work who offers us a personal vision of each of his topics. The work of the color, the material and the viewpoint represent the key element of the approach of the French photographer who manages to sublimate each of his shots. Eric Poitevin’s photographs require a reflection and observation time to be understood and foster contemplation and meditation. Created for an exhibition in Versailles, his series of suns refers to the Sun King. These nearly abstract photographs evoke the monochromy of certain minimalist paintings. Eric Poitevin makes the most of the visual potential of these solar views on a grey or blue background. An invitation to see what we don’t look at anymore… Our role is to show things where there is nothing to see. Watching is not that simple., he explains.

Thibaut Wauthion