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Manon de la Kethulle

Commissaire / Curator : Anna Ozanne

1591 En Féronstrée

Manon de la Kethulle explores the similarities between artistic installation, pop-up store and fashion-show. Although the heteronormed (and Northern European) clothing, designed for the heterosexual man, does not venture into daring styles, it has yet dared the colors, the materials for a number of years, while modeling itself on the males out of security : sport, suit, uniform, exceptional circumstances of holidays… male clothing at once illustrates the strength, the rigor and the aesthetic discretion that are expected from the modern man.

Manon finds it boring and annoying : is masculinity truly free ? Masculinity must be explored and unveiled. Animality, poetry, love, violence… sweat ! Ambiguous situation, performance games and leather jackets will display multiple symbols, bodies will be/were activated by the artworks during the preview.

Under the morbid spotlight, the fatal man moves forward.

The « heart black as a cinema »*

His feline walk is disguised with violence.

He sculpted his doll face, made up with leather and steel.

A voice arises from the crowd :

I experienced the storms of centuries,

The cruelty of the day cryogenized me,

Capitulates to my grazed jacket ”.

The flash riveted on the stage saw nothing of what was happening.

The figures parade on the podium.

Dilated in the torpor of an aggressive tension.

The ceiling is as high as a top.

The next day, still tense and amazed, the critics were analyzing this « neo-romantico futuristic »** tortured universe, this world in which man is a prey to female desire for centuries.


* Spleen, album Les pleurs du mal, Dinos, 2018, 2’48“
** Article published in The New York Times le 7 octobre 2850


Anna Ozanne