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Benjamin Ottoz

 Curator : La peau de l’ours

16Îlot Saint-Michel

Benjamin Ottoz doesn’t hesitate to manipulate colour, confront it with other hues and bring them into dialogue. What seemed to be organic becomes mineral, what we thought was a drawing is like a print. Benjamin Ottoz continues to surprise us, to disturb the senses and the boundaries of mediums.

However, we should not fall into the trap of believing what we see on paper is set in stone. These new works evoke movement, even induce it. It is impossible to understand the whole picture without moving, from left to right in a barely noticeable motion, catching the light which reveals and then conceals the crinkling and picture, like in a choreography in which the silvery dust starts to vibrate in the sunlight, a minimalist and unintended dance between the viewer and the artwork.

Evanescent vibrations may be the words that best describe what we can perceive of the works of Benjamin Ottoz. Because here, this is about vibe, dust, perception and musing.


Elodie Bernard