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Tobidashi boys


Loïc Moons

Curator: Mikail Koçak

189137 En Féronstrée

Painter Loïc Moons graduated from the École Supérieure des Arts de la Ville de Liège. He is a fan of anime, stylish clothing and cycling; and cultivates the image of refined hype. As a real follower of the genre, in his practice, he collects images and references that are connected to Japanese pop culture. 

For this eighth edition of Art au Centre, Loïc Moons composes pictorial elements from signs he borrowed from Japanese road signs. Stripped of the traditional codes of the real Tobidashi, which a well-Westernized Westerner would not understand anyway (are they placed there to warn motorists that pedestrians throw balls on the road or alert pedestrians to the danger of playing on the road?), Loïc Moons’ installation invites passers-by to give meanings to the characters’ jaded or sad faces, explosive speech bubbles and cut-out silhouettes. 

Let’s note the touch of humor in this installation that unambiguously requests our interpretations, as contemporary art generally does by working on the imagination and unlike modern everyday life which will tend to padlock it. 


Mikail Koçak