Les Rayons

Open call

216Interventions visibles sur des vitres de voiture

“My eyes

moved a few millimeters

they are floating now

and my body follows.”


Kathleen Lor

Art – au – Centre: first, wonder about these three words and their interactions, listen to their music. Then try to locate the center of the city. Remember Michel Couturier’s question: “Is this the center? », entry point of a documentary on the Place Saint-Lambert in Liège and its surroundings.

Interested in Liège’s town planning, geographer Laurent Brück notes that, during the 1970s, the layout of the city of Liège was completely revised and adapted to a mode of travel that had become synonymous with freedom and autonomy: the private car. The current landscape remains largely dependent on this era, marked by the mineralization of the quays, the creation of an ultra-efficient road network connecting the center to the outskirts, but also by the construction of tunnels and car parks.

Armed with this information, we continue to look for the center, or perhaps the heart of Liège and an answer comes to us, without complex: “It is probably in the trunk of a car… or else sitting on the terrace of a bar”.

As part of Art au Centre #9, Les rayons wish to record that the car still and always occupies the center of the city nowadays. In order to highlight this de facto presence and to symbolically reclaiming the center, they offer to transcribe in gold leaf a poetic composition for four cars. This will be visible on the evening of the opening, taking place on the Place Cathédrale.

Intended to fragment in order to crisscross the city according to the movements of the host vehicles, this poetic bubble will transform into fragmented movements of poetry, into a journey carrying unexpected encounters and resisting unambiguous meaning.

Les rayons shine from 2022 with the cooperation of Kathleen Lor, Maud Dallemand and Alexia Creusen


Les Rayons