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Nina Robert

Artist selected as part of the open call

269129 Rue Saint-Gilles

WILL YOU MISS ME WHEN IM GONE? is a self-portrait and the grave of the modern, detestable and selfish human being, saturated by hyper-connectivity, overconsumption, individualism, loneliness, anguish, addiction, depression, the worship of success and personality.

The butterfly, free and fragile, is ironic. It tones down but recalls the ephemeral nature of life. LEDs romanticize, fantasize and eroticize. The sentences and texts that scroll on the cross are messages exchanged with different people/friends on social networks. Taken out of context, they are a sort of anchoring into reality through the virtual sphere. The Latin cross is above all symbolic and aesthetic, but it is also a satire of Judeo-Christian values ​​and economic liberalism. The ubiquitous and invasive pharmacy cross reminds us of the ambiguity between consumer products and the need for moral and physical survival.

WILL YOU MISS ME WHEN IM GONE? wants to appear immersive, disturbing and inquisitive. Through the enticing and illusory window, the green lights blend into the street and the self-portrait tends towards the self-identification of gazes.

Nina Robert