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Lexi Dauw

Open call

4743 Rue Saint-Gilles

« My painting came off its support. It became independent, it turned into a sculpture, a bas-relief, an image and an object, from a rug to a trunk, a planter… The repetition of the motif was already omnipresent in my production and took on its full meaning when I fell in love with crafts and particularly with caning. This motif has been haunting me since then, it possesses countless resources. It enables the mise en abyme, the modification of the scale, the color schemes, the symmetry…

I primarily use acrylic paint applied with a piping bag on a non-adhesive surface, which enables me to remove it from its support and to use this material singularly and independently. This approach follows the same principle as a 3D printer with added workmanship. The repetition lies in the motif just as in the gesture, this obsessional repetition that gives rhythm to my daily life and echoes the daily life of the caning craftsman, who weaves his material unlike me. I thereby try to feign a truth, the truth of the image : caning is not real caning, the objects are not made to be used. They are images that try to highlight a disappearing profession. »